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Important dates for ÖTILLÖ and Utö Swimrun

ÖTILLÖ is always on the first Monday in September
ÖTILLÖ merit selection and ticket selection is always released on the first Monday of October.
ÖTILLÖ Release party and presentation of the selected teams is always on the last Thursday of January. Special news and happenings will also be communicated at this time.
UTÖ SWIMRUN, the first official ÖTILLÖ qualifier is always on the last Saturday of May
UTÖ SWIMRUN applications will always open on the first Monday of February

How cold is the water?

The water temperature is between 10-16 degrees Celsius.

Can we change team name when we have entried?


100 teams is that all teams, mixed, men and women?

Yes, we have 100 spots all together.

How do contestants transport trainers, camelbacks and food during the swim?

Either you swim with the trainers and camelbak or you drag a bag/backpack with your gear. Most important in this race is to be fast in the transitions between running and swimming.

What is the typical air temperature during the race?

The air temperature can be between 10 – 20 degrees Celsius.

What type of wetsuits do the contestants generally wear? Are the wetsuits worn during the run as well as the swim?

The wetsuits worn are generally thin thriathlete wetsuits with long legs and long arms and are worn all the time except the longest runs.

Is it possible for spectators to follow the race and where are the best places to be?

It is easiest to follow the race by your own boat. If you do not have your own boat it is best to be by the finish line at Utö where you can see them swim the last leg and cheer the racers on the final run.

What kind of shoes do you recommend?

It is difficult to recommend a certain shoe, it all depends what you are used to run in. The most important is to have a shoe that does not become to heavy wet. The running consist of running on rock, in the forest, on trails, on dirt roads and on asphalt. If it is raining it can be very slippery on the rocks.

How many water stations are there throughout the course and can I fill my bladder/ bottle there? Also what kind of food/nutrition is it served?

There are 9 water/Enervit energy drink stations along the course and at 3 of them you can fill your bladder, bottle. Styrsvik, Nämdö and Kymmendö The food we will serve will be a little different. It will be Honeystinger energy bars/gels, bananas, candy, sausages, bread.

Ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world by CNN
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If you are interested in finding a partnership please do not hesitate to contact: